May 15, 2020

What’s The World Like Without Live Events?

Written by Kellie Paxian

It’s the night of the show you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been counting down all week. You’ve got your crew and everyone is as hyped as they can get. Popcorn in hand, the show’s about to start, the curtain draws, the whistle blows, the opening credits begin… 

And then your partner calls you for dinner.

That’s right sports fans, music lovers, and festival-goers, this is the world we’re living in and if you’re not embracing it, you’re missing out. We know how excited you are for your favourite events (we are too!). And with the future of live events being uncertain at best, with some saying they won’t be back until 2021, you may as well consume your favourite sources of entertainment as easily and efficiently as possible. Top channels like Instagram and YouTube are jumping headfirst into the world of live streaming and Launchtrip+ is emerging as a top source for these events with its curated live-streaming events guide. 

So how are the viewers feeling about live events being nonexistent at the moment? Well, maybe their hype levels are down a little bit. Maybe they miss the excitement of cheering on their idols in person, feeding off of the energy of the crowd, and coming home with their throats hoarse and ears ringing (okay that part can still happen, minus the “coming home” part).

But…there are a ton of positives that come with virtual events as well.

Virtual events cut out a significant amount of the costs associated with live events. The hosts don’t have to pay for a venue, staff, catering, decor, and all that other stuff that comes along with live events. Consumers don’t have to pay for a hefty ticket, outrageously overpriced bag of popcorn, merchandise they will never wear again, and in some out-of-towner cases, even the pricey plane ticket and accommodation.

Another major benefit to virtual events is the ability to reach a larger, untapped audience. While venues have limited capacities, the cap on virtual event attendance doesn’t exist. People aren’t restricted by geography, affordability, or accessibility, and this opens up audiences to new forms of entertainment that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to experience. The only “barriers” to entering virtual events are a device and a strong internet connection.

Companies that host virtual events are able to track their audience in ways that weren’t possible with live events. They can see where attendees are coming from, their viewing patterns, how many are tuning in and for how long, and other behaviours that show a direct correlation to ROI.

Online platforms are recognizing the opportunity and demand to bring new value to their audiences from virtual events. YouTube is no stranger to the concept, with its livestream of events transporting audiences to faraway stages for years, and now more than ever it is being used to broadcast live conferences, events, concerts, and discussions. The NFL Draft was carried out virtually, streaming across online networks such as ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network with the managers selecting their picks from their basements. Instagram and Facebook are playing host to more live streams than ever, ranging from interviews to concerts to fitness classes to seemingly pointless chatter that you can’t seem to pull yourself away from no matter how hard you try.

High-profile celebrities are getting together to entertain audiences in new ways, and are even using their virtual platforms to benefit worthy causes. Dozens of A-list celebrities got together (while staying apart) to perform the One World: Together at Home concert, which raised $127.9 million USD for COVID-19 relief. Many artists are performing for their virtual audiences with minimal attendance fees or are asking for donations and sending the proceeds to charity. It’s encouraging that influential people are taking the opportunity to channel the attention of their captive online audiences towards helping those in need. Even the live streaming event guide, Launchtrip+ will be dedicating 100% of all display ad revenue to charities like local food banks throughout North America.

So yes, party people, sports fans, festival frolickers, and aspiring crowd surfers, times are tough right now. You may not be able to get the same adrenaline rush as you did back in the pre-pandemic days. But, we’re all in it together and entertainment is just as alive as it ever was. All you have to do is keep the hype going!