May 14, 2020

The Emerging Virtual Events Space

Written by Kellie Paxian

Now more than ever, the events industry is shifting. Even if it weren’t for the global pandemic keeping people at home, innovations in virtual platforms and opportunities mean that people don’t have to leave their devices in order to congregate and consume. Virtual events, defined as organized meet-ups that happen online, have increasingly been serving as an option for when in-person events aren’t feasible. It just so happens that COVID-19 has pushed the virtual events space to the forefront much quicker than anyone predicted.

But the worldwide web can be overwhelming and today’s consumers want their top options to be right at their fingertips. With a plethora of streaming channels to choose from, Launchtrip+ kicks in as an emerging source for virtual live events with its curated digital guide of today’s top music, sports, and festival performances straight to your device.

Audiences have been consuming entertainment through a screen for as long as our generation can remember. From Mario Brothers to MuchMusic to March Madness, we’re more than happy to pass the time watching characters on a screen, with no real need for face-to-face interaction. As the internet grew into the lifeline it is today, video streaming has been allowing us to catch up on sporting highlights, tune into concerts across the world, and attend music festivals from the comfort of our couch (flower crown not required).

But now, virtual events aren’t just an option. In the COVID-19 world, they’re essentially the only option as far as events are concerned. We don’t know when or even if we’ll be able to attend events of hundreds or thousands of attendees again. Some are saying that live events won’t be coming back until 2021. We aren’t sure if we’ll be able to freely hop on a plane to go see the Super Bowl or to cross the Olympics off our bucket list in the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, our favourite entertainers are in the same boat, and the only way they can continue to share their talents and messages with the masses is by broadcasting them online. Musicians are playing at-home concerts, sporting drafts are being done from basements, talk shows are being filmed in living rooms, and fitness enthusiasts are hosting workout classes for at-home sweat sessions.

The struggle, of course, is that some level of the energy, excitement, and connection is compromised in an event that’s not the real live thing. But, there are benefits that compensate for this, and fans seem to be open to giving virtual events a shot. Not to mention, the chance to win prizes and access VIP live stream events if they keep Launchtrip+ bookmarked on their browsers with the best bandwidth.

And this just in, our entertainment isn’t being completely taken away from us. The restrictions that come with live events are being stripped away; new and wider audiences are now able to view events, there are options to rewind and replay your favourite parts, and pyjamas are totally acceptable viewing attire. 

Performers are finding new and intimate ways to connect with audiences by inviting them into their homes. There is a ton of room for creativity, imagination, and experimentation when the limitations of a physical event are removed.

Virtual events may not be the first choice of viewers but they’re becoming more widely embraced by those who love events. Viewers are able to tune in and discover performers who they might not have come across in the real world and therefore, develop a new appreciation for new forms of art. This is a beautiful thing.

These are strange times, and technology will never be able to fully capture the magic that comes with live events. But if we can use technology to continue to invest in our passions, discover new ones, and keep spreading the joy of art and music and sport, maybe that’s the dose of positivity that humankind needs to continue pushing through this. We certainly can’t wait for the next act of this show.